Make it easier for your clients to access business loans

Your clients will appreciate you introducing them to a new, flexible approach to business finance. Partnering with Spotcap will help you to serve them better.

Who is Spotcap?

We bring a new, versatile unsecured business loan solution designed for the needs of today’s small and medium-sized businesses. Businesses can borrow between $10k and $250k, using a fast online application process backed by a robust credit assessment, meaning decisions can be made within 24 hours. Becoming a partner helps your clients secure the funds their business needs.

Online applications, fast responses.

Flexible, versatile, unique

Excellent advice and support

Unsecured loans with competitive interest rates

How does the partner programme work?

You apply for accreditation

Fill out the online application and we’ll get back to you to explain how we can help you help your clients.

You can apply on behalf of your clients

It takes just five minutes to submit a business loan application. You can do this on behalf of your clients through our partner portal or they can do it themselves.

Continued support and advice

Get answers to the questions that you and your clients have through access to our team of business finance experts.

Why should I partner with Spotcap?

Hundreds of brokers, accountants and other professionals have already become accredited Spotcap partners. Here’s why:

To avoid unnecessary paperwork

Time is money, which is why our online loan application process can be completed in just five minutes.

To access loans at competitive prices

Your clients get fast access to a line of credit while only paying for what they borrow. We offer unsecured loans with competitive interest rates and no early repayment fees.

To see client satisfaction

Through us, your clients gain access to flexible business finance which they can tailor to meet their own needs.

To get quick decisions

We respond to applications within 24 hours. Our unique credit analysis algorithm allows us to make a prompt, robust assessment of the condition and creditworthiness of your client’s business.

To access the proprietary partner portal

Stay informed as our exclusive user-friendly dashboard allows you to monitor your clients’ business loan applications.

To get excellent advice

Our consultants will guide you towards the right outcomes for your clients, avoiding the costs of time wasted on inappropriate solutions.

Partner with Spotcap

Leave us your details below and a Spotcap Specialist will be in touch very soon.

Want to learn more about Spotcap?

“Spotcap Australia has issued more than $1 million worth of credit to SMEs in its first 60 days of operation, which has exceeded our expectations and validates to us that there is significant demand for our credit line product from SMEs in Australia.”

“Spotcap will differentiate itself by offering a free line of credit for up to three months. As soon as the company starts drawing on the loan, it becomes a “vanilla amortising” business loan that has to be paid back within six months.”

“Spotcap’s better-than-expected launch has driven the company to more than double its maximum loan size to $250,000. The company has also lent to businesses from all states and territories, mostly to those in the retail and services sectors.”